On November 18 2009 at 4:02 am William Alan Bartosch was joyfully welcomed into our family. He weighed in at 7 lbs 9 oz and 20 in long. We were stunned to discover that he was born with Trisomy 21, or Down syndrome. We love him unconditionally from the top of his toe-head to the tips of his toes. We know that this diagnosis will not define him. He is a happy, healthy little boy that just happens to have an extra chromosome.

Follow us on this unexpected and exciting journey as we learn how to live life Will's Way.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Will Is One!

Happy Birthday Will!  It is so hard to believe that it has been a year since Will was born.  It has been such a crazy year and one that at times seemed to crawl along and yet at other times flew by.  Our lives are so completely different than they were this time a year ago...but we wouldn't trade it for anything:)  We love our little Will-a-bean and can't wait to see all that he will accomplish in his second wonderful year!
Will has three birthdays this year...the first was this past weekend in Wooster with Grandma and Grandpa Crandall and Aunt Amelia and some of our good friends.  Will had a fun party with his two little girlfriends and he ate some of his cupcake and opened lots of presents.  It was a great day!
We have party number two this weekend in Fort Wayne with Gaga and Papa Brough and the gang.  We can't wait to celebrate again:)
Will's birthday definitely brings back a lot of good and sad memories of a year ago and reminds me of where I was and where I thought I was going and where I am now.  I have been writing Will's Birth Story a little bit at a time, for a couple weeks now and it has been very therapeutic!  I hope to share it, but I must admit it is mostly for my self that I write it.  It is hard to think about Will's birth day and think of the sadness surrounding that day.  In a way, I feel that writing it down releases me from some of the guilt that I have about those feelings.  Will's birthday is, and always will be a difficult day and one filled with a range of emotions:)
For now let's celebrate!  Here are some pictures from his birthday party this weekend!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Will's Trip to Siesta Key FL

 Will's first time in the ocean!
 He loved playing in the sand as long as the waves did not knock him over:)
 Ron and I took a picture by this tree several years ago when we were in Siesta Key.
 He was getting all the ladies with his hot body!
 Will and daddy:)
 Playing on the beach.  Will liked to taste the sand too:)
Long day at the beach.

We had a wonderful vacation.  It was so nice to get away for a week and not make any phone calls or go to any appointments.  We were very lucky to be able to use Ron's Uncle's condo for the week and enjoy some rest, sunshine and sand.  It was very hard to come back:)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Prayers for Averi

Sorry I still haven't gotten any vacation pictures up...this little boy has been keeping me very busy!  I did want to write a quick note to ask for prayers for one of Will's little friends from our support group named Averi.  If any of you have clicked on the links on the left of this page you may already have been to their blog, but if not please visit the 'Can't Keep Me Down' Blog and read all about her.  Averi is a very sweet little girl going through the battle of her life.  In just 18 months this little has endured more than most of us will go through in a lifetime:(  She has an amazing spirit and comes from a beautiful family that has more strength and faith than you can imagine.  Please say prayers for them as she is in PICU for the third time in a month.  I am heartbroken for them and all they have had to endure.  Keep fighting Averi!