On November 18 2009 at 4:02 am William Alan Bartosch was joyfully welcomed into our family. He weighed in at 7 lbs 9 oz and 20 in long. We were stunned to discover that he was born with Trisomy 21, or Down syndrome. We love him unconditionally from the top of his toe-head to the tips of his toes. We know that this diagnosis will not define him. He is a happy, healthy little boy that just happens to have an extra chromosome.

Follow us on this unexpected and exciting journey as we learn how to live life Will's Way.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Will is 8 Months Old

Will is going to be 8 months old on Sunday and since it has been awhile since I updated on the new and exciting things Mr. Will is doing, here we go. His Physical Therapy has been going really well. Will's PT spends an hour with him every Friday and then gives us things to work on throughout the week. Several weeks ago he mastered rolling over both ways and does that regularly. He is still not quite sitting up alone...but he is sooo close! He will sit independently but still forgets that if he leans back too far he will tumble:) He is playing well with harder-to-pick up objects like spoons and sippy cups and has been using his hands to pass things back and forth really well lately. He is also very close to being able to pick up a yogurt snack (likes these better than cheerios so far!). He is babbling even more lately. He is saying 'baba' and 'dada' although there is no true connection yet:) On the occasion he lets out a 'mama' too!
I have been told that usually around 6-8 months old is when you really have your 'ah-ha' moment. Thus far developmentally there has been very little difference between what Will is doing and what a typical child his age is doing. Around 6 months a typical child will take off and conquer many milestones very quickly. As we have been warned and been prepping ourselves for, Will's development will come, it will just be much slower. Since many of our friends are turning one and on the move, I have been trying to find the silver lining to all of this and this is what I have come up with so far...I will have more time to cuddle Will before he wants to always be put down...I have a few more months to get my house baby-proofed...I don't have to worry that Will is going to pick up stray crumbs and put them in his mouth yet...and I can still get pretty good pictures of him since he is not completely mobile yet!
We are practicing with the spoon and sipply cup in this picture. Will is such a big boy!

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Aunt Amelia said...

Good job, Will! The sooner you start picking things up, the sooner you can throw them onto the floor so Mommy and Daddy can fetch them. ;)